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A partner for migrant organizations in Essen: Essener Verbund der Immigrantenvereine e.V.



Based on the knowledge of the great potential of migrant organizations in Essen, the "Essener Verbund der Immigrantenvereine e.V. " was founded as a partner of the city of Essen on the initiative of the Ausländerbeirat on November 23, 2000.

The Essener Verbund is an umbrella organization for all non-profit migrant associations in Essen.

60,000 people from over 150 nations worldwide currently live in Essen. Thanks to the numerous activities and positive impulses that have been sent to the group of migrants in Essen over the years, the Essener Verbund has grown steadily. Today we have over 70 member organizations. Fellow citizens of foreign origin primarily benefit from this cooperation, but also the city and the entire population of Essen.

As a cooperation partner of the city of Essen, the Essener Verbund receives institutional funding with the aim of supporting cultural, social and migration policy measures by its member associations. With the founding of the Essener Verbund, a body was created in which the migrant organizations maintain and promote cultural dialogue at their level and contribute to peaceful coexistence in the city of Essen on the path of integration while preserving their own culture, religion and language.

Tasks and goals


The tasks of the Essener Verbund include:

  • the promotion of the work of migrant organizations,
  • the promotion of intercultural coexistence in the city of Essen,
  • the promotion of international attitudes, tolerance in all areas,
  • the culture and the idea of international understanding.

The Essener Verbund sees itself as an merger of the Essen-based foreigners' associations and initiatives. We promote, intensify and support the work of foreign associations based in Essen.

We are primarily interested in approaches that are suitable for reducing xenophobia and combating racism. Our striving for integration and dialogue does not include the social or political conditions in our home countries. It is just as important to mention that a membership in the Essener Verbund and participation in its activities does not limit the autonomy and independence of the member organizations.

Essen-based foreigners' associations and German-foreign friendship and cooperation associations can be members of the Essener Verbund. However, the condition is that they have been recognized by the responsible tax office as serving non-profit, charitable, or religious purposes. As part of its activities, the Essener Verbund promotes cooperation among its members on the one hand, and on the other the social and cultural activities of the foreigners' associations and initiatives based in Essen. Furthermore, joint activities and events are encouraged and initiated.

Activities and initiatives


1. Strengthening network activities

1a. participation in committees and working groups

As part of the activities agreed in accordance with the cooperation agreement, the Essener Verbund der Immigrantenvereine e.V. is involved in communal, cross-communal, and state-wide committees, working groups and networks.

1b. work / exchange and counseling discussions

Implementation of work / exchange and counseling meetings with offices, organizations, and institutions on the following topics:

  1. Further development of communal integration work
  2. Networking / Transfer
  3. Public Relations

2. Accompanying / supporting MSOs (migrant organizations)

2a. "Support in association work, project consulting / development"

Conducting counseling meetings with migrant organizations on the following topics:

  1. Accompaniment / Organization of advisory and information events
  2. Support in association work, project advice / development
  3. Promotion / Exchange and cooperation between migrant organizations
  4. Securing cooperation with institutions, specialist departments and organizations

Are you also interested in becoming a member of the Essener Verbund der Immigrantenvereine e.V.? Do you need support with your association’s work? Do you have any questions about the financing of events and projects, or would you like to make contact with other associations, institutions and organizations?

Your contact person is:

Mr. Oktay Sürücü (managing director)
Phone: 0201 - 55 79 340
Email: info@immigrantenverbund.de

Essener Verbund der Immigrantenvereine e.V.
in the KD 11/13 – Zentrum für Kooperationen und Inklusion
Karl-Denkhaus-Str. 11
45329 Essen-Altenessen

Office opening times

Mon - Fri: 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and by appointment

Der „Essener Verbund der Immigrantenvereine e.V.“ ist ein Dachverband aller gemeinnützigen Migrantenorganisationen in Essen. Seit der Gründung in 2000 ist er stetig gewachsen. Heute erreicht er eine Mitgliederzahl von über 70 Migrantenorganisationen aus über 20 Herkunftsländern. Von dieser Zusammenarbeit profitieren MitbürgerInnen ausländischer Herkunft in erster Linie, aber auch die Stadt und die gesamte Bevölkerung in Essen.

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